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You may remember a while ago I posted this review about Sole Dual Layer Performance running socks

Well I have been lucky enough to try out another Sole product in the shape of their Sports Flip Flops. Us runners tend to spend a lot of time and in some cases money making sure that we have the correct footwear for when we are out running but do many of us take into consideration what we put on our feet when we're not out pounding the pavements?

Me? Well I live in slippers when I'm not outside and for outside I have a mish mash of trainers, flip flops, pumps and high heels all depending on the occasion. But am I doing my recovering legs any favours during this time? As someone on the receiving end of a long term running related injury at the moment (stupid knee) this topic is definitely of interest to me.

According the the experts "Traditional flip flops, slippers and slouch socks create a very unstable platform on which to walk. This instability can lead to excessive foot motion resulting in foot, leg and even back pain, this is not conducive to assisting your recovery between runs." The Sports Flips from SOLE are designed to support the heel and arch of the foot which stabalises the walking motion, which keeps the feet and legs in a more neutral, safe position reducing the stresses of walking, resulting in less stiffness, pain and tiredness after running.

The flips have the following features:
  • Moldable footbed
  • Polygiene Antimicrobial Agent used to control foot odour (no more stinky feet!)
  • Metatarsal support pad
  • Adjustable arch support
  • Gender specific strap
  • Deep heel cup
  • Hidden toe ridge
  • Midsole support structure
  • Natural/synthetic rubber blend outsole
With all this in mind I started wearing my SOLE Flips instead of slippers around the house and when we went out for walks, to the shops or when driving the car (weather dependant of course). The flips have a molded base which is incredibly comfortable and you definitely feel more like you are wearing a proper pair of shoes than a pair of flip flops. They strap goes between the toes which can be a bit aggravating at first but I found after a week or so they had worn in and I hardly noticed the strap at all.

Testing the sports slips on a sunny dog walk

I found the flips really comfortable and they definitely felt much more supportive than regular flip flops or my sloppy slippers. Unfortunately I was already injured before I received these so I haven't been able to fully test out their recovery powers but I can definitely understand why they would be affective and I've not become further injured yet so they must be helping somehow. Also the Polygiene Antimicrobial Agent is obviously doing it's job because despite wearing these shoes practically everywhere they don't smell at all! In fact the only problem I have had with these shoes is that my fiance is the same shoe size as me and he keeps pinching them!

The Sports Flips come in a variety of colours and are definitely not boring humdrum shoes. I would happily compare them to some of the best fashion flip flops in the style stakes and they are also gender specific. Prices range from £25-£50 depending which style you would like to go for and further information and how to purchase can be found on the SOLE website.

Hopefully I will be seeing the doctor on Thursday to get some answers on what can be done with the knee, in the meantime RP and I have been doing Body Pump classes to keep our strength up and of course taking Zac to dog agility and long walks helps to keep us fit a
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